#PRon Casey & Lily: Retribution (Casey Calvert, Lily Rade / 22.10.2017 / 170426-04) [Vintage, Humiliation, Lesbian]

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#PRon #Lesbians #Vintage #Humiliation #Lesbian Серия 170426, Эпизод 4 Now that I’m married, I feel like the woman I was always meant to be. Even though my husband delights in fucking me in ways I never would have imagined, I can’t help but feel more alive. More powerful... I’ve always been a quiet, shy, mousey girl, but having my husband inside me makes me feel stronger somehow. Like a part of him stays inside me. Still, I can’t help but think back to how this all started. Casey and I were good friends in high school. She was always sweet and gentle with me. Even flirty. But now, she’s actively going behind my back, telling the priesthood all about our past and the times we would have sex with each other. And as a result, I’ve been punished and married off, having had strange penises pushed in my face and pussy. I want to get back at her. I want her to feel as powerless and helpless as I was. Next time we’re alone, I’m going to show her that I’m not the timid little girl she once knew...